World Champs battle at CBR Mulvane

WEB CBR Mulvane '15 Sage Kimzey-One More Dip

Reigning CBR World Champion Sage Kimzey on Craig, Barret and Elite’s “One More Dip” for 89 points in the Shoot Out Round and the event win at the CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour stop in Mulvane, KS.. Todd Brewer photo.

When it boils right down to it, winning in Bull Riding is pretty simple. Get the whistle, and keep getting it. Consistency is key, and if you keep getting the job done, they’re going to give you some money. Get it done enough, and they’re going to give you a lot of money. Just ask Sage Kimzey. The reigning CBR and PRCA World Champ has been on a whirlwind of success the last year and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down.

Kimzey’s consistency had already paid him off to the tune of over $62,000 in the month of March coming into the CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour event in Mulvane, KS. and he added to that bankroll with a $19,000 win after being the only man to hear thee whistles in Mulvane. When asked about getting three down in Mulvane, Kimzey responded, “Riding three is always a challenge, you have to take advantage of every opportunity….”. His  89 point ride on Craig, Barret and Elite’s “One More Dip” in the Championship Round sealed the deal without question after none of the others in the four man field made a qualified ride. Kimzey came into the Championship Round in the number one spot after his 87.5 point semifinal round ride, followed by Cody Teel who posted a 86 in the semi’s, as well as Brennon Eldred and Neil Holmes who were drawn back on time after Teel and Kimzey put up the only scores in the semifinal round.

With the event win in Mulvane, Kimzey moved to the number five spot in the CBR World Standings. Cody Teel came in as the number one man in the World rankings, and maintained that lead with his two qualified rides, but only by 158 points over number two man, CBR Rookie and WNFR qualifier Brennon Eldred. The CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour has just two regular season stops left at the Tuff Hedemen Championship Challenge in Ft. Worth, TX. and the George Paul Memorial in Del Rio, TX. before the season finale, in conjunction with the world famous Cheyenne Frontier Days July 20-21 in Cheyenne, WY.


Mulvane Notes

CBR Rookie and 2014 WNFR qualifier continued to impress with a 91 point ride on Elite Bucking Bulls “Swamp Dog” for the round one win and some much needed points in the 2015 CBR World Championship race in which he currently sits second.

Despite coming down early in the Shoot out round, Cody Teel posted two scores, a a 90.5 on Cude’s “No Hands” and a 86 on Talbert’s “Hurricane Rick”, to maintain his number one spot in the CBR World Standings over number two man Eldred.

As always, this was also a stop for the on the CBR Million Dollar Bull team Challenge with $20,000 going out to the event winners. The Bull team from CPR/Craig/Barrett/Elite took home the big check with a Bull team total of 283.19, just 1.49 points ahead of Mike White’s Elite Bucking Bulls team who took home the second place check, good for $12,000 with a 281.70 total.

Mike White’s “Karaoke” put up a 92 point Bull score for the rank bulls score of the night after dispatching red hot Cody Rostockyj just shy of the buzzer.

Complete Results

Round 1

1. Brennon Eldred – 91

2/3. Cody Teel – 90.5

2/3. Neil Holmes – 91.5

4/5. Cory Bailey – 89

4/5. Tanner Bothwell – 89

6/7/8. Taryl Smith – 88.5

6/7/8. Lane Toon – 88.5

6/7/8. Cody Rostockyj – 88.5

9. Trevor Kastner – 87.5

10./11. Mickey Andrews – 84.5

10/11. Sage Kimzey – 84.5

Semifinal Round

1. Sage Kimzey – 87.5

2. Cody Teel – 86

Shoot Out Round

1. Sage Kimzey – 89

Bull Team Results

1. CPR/Craig/Barrett/Elite – 283.19 – $20,000

2. Elite Bucking Bulls 2 – 281.70 – $12,000

3. Clark View – 279.84 – $8,000

4. Silver Creek – 279.63 – $5,000

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